Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Is EffePro a Patent database?
EffePro is not a patent database as the data (patent and non-patent literature) is always restricted to the study that was done for a client. It is an online dashboard containing searchable patent / scientific literature / business articles / product literature data manually analyzed and categorized, and displayed in web-browser viewable form. The dashboard allows access to multiple users simultaneously within an organization and includes dynamic visualization of data, commenting, sharing and filtering of information.
What are the key features/ functions of EffePro?
The key features and functionalities available via the tool include:
  • Web-based dashboard tool allowing access to relevant patent / scientific literature / business articles / product literature data for multiple projects
  • Advanced, multi-field search capabilities for full text searching
  • Multi-user access within your organization
  • Custom alerting on changes/ updates to data, based on user-selectable parameter
  • Advanced, dynamic, interactive and customizable visualization of data
  • Exporting of data/ charts individually or in bulk
  • Filtering/ browsing through data based on taxonomy, bibliographic parameters or text queries.
  • Commenting (optional), analyzing, reviewing and sharing of data.
  • Customizable user level access roles/ rights for each user
  • Custom built features for specific client needs
  • In-built project calendar feature
How can one be trained on the Dashboard?
EffePro team provides training to the client contacts through multiple webex sessions. All types of technical support is also provided. Apart from this, a detailed help file is available within the dashboard which can be used to gain functionalities.
Can users import their own data and analyze it?
Yes, within EffePro webpage, there is a template provided which a user can download and fill the data into various fields. Once completed, the user can then upload the patent data and then visualize the categorization, view the taxonomy and also create their own charts.
Can a user modify the Taxonomy ?
Yes, EffePro allows functionality to add, edit and/or delete any taxonomy node either at global level or at each document level
Can a user generate customized reports and charts?
Yes, EffePro provides capability of generating customized reports and charts that can be showcased online or downloaded for sharing with other team members
What type of charts can be created using EffePro?
Various forms of charts can be created including bar chart, line chart, bubble chart, pie chart heat map, collaboration chart etc.